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Smart thumbs - Summary

This is the first page you see when you login. Take a look at the picture below and everything will be clear to you

You can set auto-disable options under Settings > Group > Edit (GUI settings must be advanced)

Changed galleries apply only to 3rd party submitted galleries
Skip if you use only FHGS / own galleries

For manual rotation you have 3 options,
Last clicks:: arranges the thumbs by the most last clicks starting from number 0 in your template
Average:: arranges the thumbs from the highest average to the lowest average, starting from number 0 in your template

Random:: Anyhow shoot

smart thumbs picture guide - making sense of the first page you see


Summary Bulk Scan 4 Queued Galleries Categories
Bulk Scan 1 Bulk Import 1 Webmasters Settings / General
Bulk Scan 2 Bulk Import 2 Sponsors Settings / GUI Settings
Bulk Scan 3 Galleries Preview Sponsors / Mysponsor Official manual