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Smart thumbs - Sponsors

Very important - Seperate your own galleries / FHGS according to the sponsor they came from.

If a sponsor converts badly for you, come back to this section, tick the box to the left of that sponsor and select 'disable galleries' from the drop down menu, or select 'delete sponsor&galleries' if you totally give up on that sponsor, but don't regret it later.

If a sponsor converts badly for you but somehow his galleries attract the most clicks from your tgp, then click edit, change 'use sponsor skim' to yes, put a 'sponsor skim' from 10 to 90 and remember to tick the box for 'Update existed galleries with skim'. a sponsor skim of 10 would mean 10% gets redirected to your trade script.

If your Not using a trade script then dont bother to set a sponsor skim, just disable all galleries.

If a sponsor closes down, select 'delete sponsor&galleries' from the drop down menu.

smart thumbs picture guide - managing your sponsors


Summary Bulk Scan 4 Queued Galleries Categories
Bulk Scan 1 Bulk Import 1 Webmasters Settings / General
Bulk Scan 2 Bulk Import 2 Sponsors Settings / GUI Settings
Bulk Scan 3 Galleries Preview Sponsors / Mysponsor Official manual