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Smart thumbs - GUI settings

GUI means the admin panel of smart thumbs. select advanced mode 'yes' to see all the options smart thumb can offer you.

Max cropper width & height is used during bulk scanning / scan one file

Show counts in gallery preview / gallery queue - this option will just show or hide the total number of galleries in the sub-sections of those 2 pages.

Refresh amount number delay - only used if you auto-import fhgs under 'my sponsors', which i suggest you dont because script will load thousands of old fhgs

smart thumbs picture guide - help for GUI settings


Summary Bulk Scan 4 Queued Galleries Categories
Bulk Scan 1 Bulk Import 1 Webmasters Settings / General
Bulk Scan 2 Bulk Import 2 Sponsors Settings / GUI Settings
Bulk Scan 3 Galleries Preview Sponsors / Mysponsor Official manual