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Smart thumbs - Bulk scan part 2

This is what you see when you start to thumb all those galleries you imported in Bulk Import. Its a very easy job actually :) Smart thumbs will display all the pictures it found in the gallery, next you see if there is any thumb good enough to be put in your tgp.

If all the pictures suck, then delete the gallery

If you want to focus/close-up on a certain area of the thumb, or edit the thumb for whatever reason, then click on edit image, which brings us to bulk scan part 3

smart thumbs picture guide - how to bulkscan your galleries part 2


Summary Bulk Scan 4 Queued Galleries Categories
Bulk Scan 1 Bulk Import 1 Webmasters Settings / General
Bulk Scan 2 Bulk Import 2 Sponsors Settings / GUI Settings
Bulk Scan 3 Galleries Preview Sponsors / Mysponsor Official manual