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Smart thumbs - Bulk import 1

This is where you ADD galleries into your TGP, Smart thumbs will use this galleries and display their thumbnails on your tgp according to your template. If this sounds confusing to you dont worry, just focus on adding the galleries because everything else will be explained later

Group - if this is your 1st tgp, just create 1 group and put everything in it. (read more about groups here)
Sponsor - sponsor of the galleries, Seperately add galleries from a different sponsor
Category - the category this galleries belong to, Seperately add galleries from the same sponsor but different category

smart thumbs picture guide - how to bulk import your galleries part 1


Summary Bulk Scan 4 Queued Galleries Categories
Bulk Scan 1 Bulk Import 1 Webmasters Settings / General
Bulk Scan 2 Bulk Import 2 Sponsors Settings / GUI Settings
Bulk Scan 3 Galleries Preview Sponsors / Mysponsor Official manual